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I wanted to thank you for the fabulous program that you have put together for the SAT review. My daughter, Sara, participated in your program this year. Sara benefited tremendously from your class; her SAT score went up over 20%. We were thrilled with the results and have recommended your class to many of our friends.I will say that Sara took the class very seriously, adhered to your recommendations for tips for success and studied very hard. She too is extremely pleased with her final score.I would be happy to be a reference for your program should the need arise, though I suspect that many people are hearing about program based on the results that the students are realizing.Thank you again.

Kim S.


Michael went up 110 points. He is excited and this now puts him between 50% - 75% of the average SAT scores that are his stretch schools (Georgetown, BC, Villanova) which should now for the most part be safety schools and above 75% of the average for UF, FSU, Lehigh. He may actually have too many choice to make.Thanks again. You guys run a great course and we also refer people on to you. Paul D

Karen and Elvis

We are simply thrilled with Solutions Test Prep. Our child was National Merit Commended and received a $10,000 scholarship from Harvey-Mudd College as a result of her grades and SAT scores. We particularly liked that the tutors were available not only for group classes, but were available to come to our home and work with our daughter one on one at a times that fit around her athletic schedule. They evaluated her to see where she was and worked with her to achieve her best test scores. With their help, she was able to achieve the above results in the fall of her junior year and obtain a composite score of 35 on the ACT in the spring of her junior year thereby eliminating the need to test at all in her senior year. Solutions Test Prep really knows not only the SAT and how to do well, but they understand how to meet your child where they are and help them achieve success. We have recommended them to all our friends and they have also had success.Thanks again for everything. We'll be contacting you for Jarrod later this year.

Patti and Ted R


My son increased his SAT score by 100 points thanks to Solutions Test Prep. The course not only increased his subject matter knowledge, but increased his understanding of the entire process and how to take the test.

Bob G.

Hi Elvis

You have my recommendation. My son improved a minimum from his baseline PSAT scores by 200 points.



The strategies and tips she learned from Karen helped her not only improve her score well enough to be accepted to all three of the universities she applied to but also gave her skills that carried over to her school work as well.


Elvis and Karen

All my three kids had the pleasure of having Elvis and Karen Figueroa tutor them for the SAT. Our kids LOVED learning and working with Solutions Test Prep. Their SAT scores had improved a lot and our first two got into amazing schools, we are waiting to see where our third child will be going next year! One of our sons became a tutor himself at his University because he learned so much and found it to be such an important part of why he succeeded.

Michelle O

Karen and Elvis,

Your class helped tremendously. I loved how your drew from the best SAT prep books and study guides; you were always on top of the most current and most effective methods. I learned important test-taking skills that were extremely relevant and useful for taking the SATs, and I am positive that my scores reflect the skills I learned from your classes.

Samantha P

Karen gave us excellent advice as to when to actually take the SAT after the course was completed. Our son was in the IB program and we heard conflicting advice on the most advantageous time. He was accepted to the college of his choice and is very happy.

Sharon H.

Well ElvisThanks for helping Jason, In Jason's words, Elvis' course, helped him to take test more efficiently and not be freaked out if you don't know the answers,most sincerely.

Lisa F.

Elvis, I want to tell you how much I appreciated your guidance on when to have my daughter, Catherine, take this class. About 4 years ago you discussed with me the merits of taking your SAT course during the summer prior to taking the PSAT rather than the SAT. We did take the course then and Catherine did make it to the National Merit Finalist designation. Because of this, she received outstanding scholarship offers both in state and out of state. I'm convinced that she would have done admirably on the PSAT regardless, but that your class put her over the top! We certainly got a return on the investment!

Thank you,Cindy P

Elvis and Karen,I will be happy to pass your number on to parents and students who need help with SAT prep. Ryan and Lindsay are both doing well. Ryan is an attorney here in Orlando. He attended UF undergrad and UF Law School. Lindsay also attended UF undergrad and will be graduating in May with a Master's in Environmental Education from Florida Atlantic Univ. You guys do good work!!!!

Amy F.

Thankfully, for the time being, I have no more students on the verge of attending college. By the way, Alec has been accepted to every school to which he applied including, Auburn, Elon, Belmont Abbey, Southern Connecticut State, Shippensburg  University, UNF, and Catholic University. Along with choosing a apply to schools with some chance of acceptance, I would say his success was more predicated on his SAT scores than his grades.

Thanks for all your help.

You can count on us for a positive recommendation.Tom G.

Hi Elvis:I just had to write and thank you again. Rhodes was accepted into Pepperdine University and he is very excited to be attending this wonderful school in the fall.You and Karen were part of his success.Thanks again!!!A proud Momma,Jeanne W.

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