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The Difference

In a market where there are many companies that claim to have test preparatory solutions, we have created a company that is unique in our teaching style and curriculum. Here are several ways in which we are different:


  • We have prior knowledge of individual students and their baseline scores before class begins.
  • We set individual goals based on prior scores and college ambitions.
  • Our small classroom environment enables instructors to provide more individual attention to students
  • We employ an interactive lecture format and small group workshops, which encourages group participation and open discussion
  • We group students into small groups based on prior test scores, max 6 students per instructor.Our curriculum provides tools, skills, knowledge and strategies based on individual goals
  • Our class material is based on real SAT tests
  • We conduct fun, exciting, upbeat classes led by knowledgeable, caring instructors

Because we group students into classrooms or workshops based on their previous standardized test scores (i.e., PSAT, SAT), we are able to present tools, skills, knowledge, and strategies based on the students individual needs. This enables a higher scoring class (550+ points) to continue at a fast pace, spending more time acquiring new skills that will get them past their next goal (600+ points) because less review is required. And it enables the instructor to spend more time reviewing and practicing core information and techniques with a lower scoring class (less than 500 points) to get them to their first level goal. Once these students reach their first level goals, we can adjust our instruction based on the new goals set.Solutions Test Prep classes are fun, exciting, interactive and upbeat led by knowledgeable, caring instructors. Because our classes are limited in size (max six students per instructor), we are able to offer students individualized attention. The intimate class size helps to establish rapport between the students and instructor, and it encourages camaraderie among the students. When students feel comfortable, they are more likely to participate in class and to openly discuss problems and difficulties with the instructors. All of Solutions Test Prep unique characteristics contribute to our success in raising students SAT scores. We are able to increase students endurance and confidence levels. We demystify the SAT by empowering them with the skills, tools, knowledge and techniques to perform well on their tests. We help students to set goals and then teach them the strategies to achieve them.

We make a difference!

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